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The Wildflower Camp Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of The Friends Network, a giving program based on the concept of “participatory philanthropy”. This program has been created to build a strong connection between donors and the children who need our support. Members of The Friends Network witness how their donations impact the families and campers receiving Wildflower support and scholarships.

Wildflower founder Cyndi Jones sees The Friends Network as “an opportunity for donors to participate in our work in an innovative way. With an initial donation of $1,000 or more, donors become a part of a select group of donors who are committed to the mission and future of Wildflower.” Contributors may give as an individual donor or as a group of colleagues, family or friends. Donations can also be accepted in memory, or in honor of, a loved one.

By granting camp scholarships, the Wildflower Camp Foundation enables bereaved families to begin to rebuild their lives after the loss of a parent. Through a supportive camp environment, children rekindle their spirit, creativity and talents, while parents have a time for respite and healing. Research from bereavement professionals shows that early intervention can have a significant impact in helping families minimize the emotional damage caused by the death of a parent.

Wildflower is at a new juncture in our history. As word spreads about the value of our program, the number of applications we receive each year continues to rise. As a result, we have been placed in the unfortunate position of having to turn some deserving families away. In response to this demand, Wildflower is expanding our Friends Network to enable our Foundation to reach the next level in fulfilling our mission.

Our goal for the future is to expand our reach. To do so we need to grow our network of committed donors. Our hope is to increase the number of families we serve and to continue our support of each Wildflower family for as long as they need our help. We promise that those who invest in The Friends Network will receive ongoing updates with information about how their funds are being utilized.

Wildflower intends to work diligently to fulfill the promise of summer for its present families and those yet to come. We thank you for joining us.

For more information, please call (781) 861-1413
or email us at info@wildflowercampfoundation.org


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